Waipio Valley Road

Waipio Valley Road

Waipio Valley is beautiful and one-of-a-kind.  This post will not touch upon the history of the valley, just in getting there.  Sometime soon I’ll put together a post with history, images, etc.

By law, you can only travel the road on a 4×4 that has good tires and a better driver.  It’s not so much that the road is rough like the road to Crystal City, Colorado, or the Treasure Mountain Trail, it’s just very steep and narrow.  In fact, Waipio Valley Road is the steepest, longest, listed road in the USA.  The grade is 25%+.

The music in the first short video is not mine.  Duh.  The late Israel Kamakawiwo’ole plays and sings ‘Somewhere Over The Rainbow’.  You can purchase the tune here.  My remix of ZZ Tops ‘La Grange’ can be purchase here.  I make no claims on the copyright and the videos are not for sale, just for viewing.

The second video shows a portion of the return trip up the road.

I miss my Jeep.

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