If you don’t have patience, you won’t have ‘good pictures’.  You’ll have snapshots.  At best.

My intent today was to shoot a new Lily in the yard, but I was turned back by the wind.  Several times.  We lost power for a few hours, it came back on, went out again, came back on, went out again and finally came on to stay.

I waited it out and managed to come away with some nice images.  Nothing to hang in the Smithsonian, but nice.  My hopes were to photograph the blooms before the wind tore them to pieces.  Yes, I could have cut them and shot them inside, but I wanted to capture them in their living room, not mine.

Patience.  Wait for the light, the wind to soften, the clouds to go by, whatever it might be.  It’s kind of hard for life to pass us by when we are right there watching and waiting for it.  Just my $1.50.  It used to be my .02, but inflation took care of that and I do live on the Big Island.

The Orchids at the end of the video have been blooming for some time and living on borrowed time.  They expired today.

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