Akaka Falls In The Rain

Heavy rains on the windward side of the Big Island are as normal as clouds in the sky.  It isn’t like rain on the mainland when most people grumble and complain about it, here it’s welcome, wanted and needed.  No ice cold rain to freeze you and to say that it is refreshing is an understatement.

As of February, 2015, we are in a mini-drought with very little rain.  This poses a problem with those of us who rely on the rain water for household use as well as the tropical plants who need the rain everyday to stay healthy.  Like all things, it will pass and soon we will be in a ‘normal’ pattern again.

Last winter I stopped by Akaka Falls during a fairly heavy rain and found myself waiting out the downpour for about half an hour before I finally just gave up and headed back to the car.  The output of the falls was pretty spectacular and I’m sure it would have grown even more as the water rushed down Mauna Kea to feed the falls.

Notice the outbreak of smaller falls on the sides due to the smaller streams overflowing their banks.

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