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Night At The Volcano

Not a cloud in the sky at Volcanoes National Park tonight.

Night At The Volcano

Back To Halemaumau

Finished up an all day Jeep tour at Volcanoes National Park with the night view of Halemaumau pit crater.  It was very quiet last night, no rumbling, no explosions, no hissing and a smaller ‘light show’.  Still can’t get enough of it.


Fire and Stars

I was able to get away last night and head on up to Volcanoes National Park for a little while.  I say a little while because the fog/clouds moved in quickly.  After this image was made, the crater was completely obscured within about 5 minutes.  Such is shooting at Kilauea.

A  much longer exposure was used on this one and you can see the effect the wind had on the smoke coming from Halema’uma’u.  The sky was clear showing the stars, but not for long.  When the fog/clouds move in, they move in quickly.

Fire and Stars


Spent a little time at Volcano last night and really enjoyed the clear skies.  In my experience, it is unusual to not have clouds, rain and a steady breeze.

We left earlier than I would have liked when the breeze did start to blow and we could begin to smell Sulfur Dioxide and see that the smoke from Halemaʻumaʻu was beginning to head our way.

Halemaʻumaʻu is a pit crater is located in Volcanoes National Park and is situated within the summit caldera of Kilauea.


Halemaʻumaʻu Up Close