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Cleanest Air In The World. Really.

There is point a few miles from our house that scientists say has the cleanest air in the world.  Air quality all over the world is measured against the air taken from this eastern most point on the Big Island.  Having been out to that area (not all the way to the point) several times, I believe it.  I end up taking long, slow, deep breaths when I’m out that way.  I swear you can taste the air.  It’s unlike anything I’ve ever breathed before, even the great Colorado Rocky Mountain air and the thin, crisp air in Marble, Colorado.  What do you expect of air that travels a couple thousand miles before hitting land?  I think it’s wild.


The first few trips out that way had me in a series of sneezing fits.  12 or more sneezes and then I was fine.  No more sneezes now, just beautiful, clean air.  I wonder if my bod was getting rid of all the ‘bad’ air?:)