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Night At The Volcano

Not a cloud in the sky at Volcanoes National Park tonight.

Night At The Volcano

Volcano Moon

Shooting Halema’uma’u about a month and a half ago when the moon rose over Kilauea Iki.

Shot with a Canon 100-400mm IS I.

Volcano Moon

In The Yard

A little windy yesterday, but no complaints from me thanks to rain that came with the wind.  The jungle needs it.

It did make shooting the flowers a little interesting as the wind kept whipping them around in circles.  I did manage to get a couple that I’m happy with, though.

Still putting the Canon 100mm 2.8 Macro through its paces and I really like what this lens can give you.

Flower Power

Flower Power 1

The rain has eased up for a little while, time to check out the flowers in the front yard.

These guys just opened up yesterday.

Saggy Butt Lava Man and His Trusted Saber Tooth Lava Tiger Playing Ball

Yeah, that’s pretty much what I see in this lava flow.  How about you?

Our transfer station (the dump) re-opened a couple of days ago after having a great deal of lava scraped off of the ground to allow for the placement of cargo containers that hold recyclables and trash.  All of our trash gets shipped off to a landfill on the mainland by barge.  Where else can you put it?  What’s that?  Conveyer belt to Kilauea?  Yeah, it’s actually been brought up before by people.  They are still looking for those folks.

Anyway, you can see all sorts of ‘things’ in the lava that flowed into the transfer station and this formation really caught my eye.  On the left is Saggy Butt Lava Man and to his right is his trusted Saber Tooth Lava Tiger holding a lava ball in his mouth.

Maybe I’ve been breathing sulfur dioxide too long.  Is it just me or do you see it as well?

Saggy Butt Lava Man

Natural Sauna

Okay, I know we live on an island that is made up of 5 volcanoes.  Not a problem.  I know Halemaumau has been churning within Kilauea for over 30 years.  Not a problem.  I know we have a current, slow moving lava flow a few miles from the house that has been active since June of last year.  Not a big problem.

However, when a hot air vent opens up in the front yard of the house, I tend to take notice.  Still not a problem.

These types of things are pretty common and should not pose any type of threat to the family.  Just in case, I contacted Hawaii Volcano Observatory to let those with the knowledge take a look at it.  Just in case.

While it is very, very small at the moment, it is new.  And it was blowing hot air earlier today with enough force to move the leaves on the Hibiscus Tree it opened up near.

We are not concerned, just curious at this point.

My daughter, Rachel, made the two images of the tiny hot air vent while I was busy contacting HVO.  The second image has an added arrow that shows a new hole that opened up today that had hot air coming from it.

Rachel also let me know, in a casual way, that while she was walking from the grass to the driveway a couple of weeks ago that the driveway was very, very warm.  Like asphalt in the sun warm.  It’s a dirt and cinder driveway plus it was a cloudy day.  She thought it was ‘weird’ but didn’t really give it much more thought.

If you don’t hear from me for a while……


Vent 1

Back To Halemaumau

Finished up an all day Jeep tour at Volcanoes National Park with the night view of Halemaumau pit crater.  It was very quiet last night, no rumbling, no explosions, no hissing and a smaller ‘light show’.  Still can’t get enough of it.


Still Blooming

This must be a hybrid Energizer Bunny type Orchid.  Still Blooming.

Orchids 1

Orchids 3