Lava Flow 2015

The current lava flow in the Puna District began last June and continues, very slowly, to advance across the landscape.  It has traveled almost 14 miles from the source, which is the Pu’u O’o cinder/splatter cone in the Eastern rift of Kilauea.  Lava has been spewing forth from Pu’u O’o since 1983.  If the flow continues to the sea it will cut off over 9,000 people from the rest of the island.  If it flows over a southern ridge, it will eventually cover the Puna District, an area larger than the entire island of Oahu.  This part of old Hawaii would be gone forever.

Public access to the front of the slow moving front is not allowed and all I have to show are images of the cooled lava behind the front.  Updates as things progress.

The lava is very slow moving and builds higher and higher as the flow underneath pushes under the cooling lava, the end result being an incredibly deep, impenetrable layer of solid rock.  The images below show some of the height and were made at the ‘dump’ or transfer station where rubbish is collected and sent by barge to a landfill on the mainland.

lava 4


lava 1

lava 2

lava 3

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