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Where Is The Red Road?

Several people have asked me this question.  Maybe this map will help out a little bit. 

I’ve highlighted the Red Road in red.  Original, huh?  The map shows the area south east of Hilo on the Big Island.  You can see smoke coming from the Pu`u `O`o vent.  No major lava flows right now and that can change in an instant.

map red road

Green Lake

I’ve been wanting to head over to Green Lake since last year and finally got the chance!  It’s also the first REALLY 4×4 road I’ve driven on since we moved to the Big Island.  I swear I could hear the Jeep crying.  Or maybe laughing.  Although the road was not ‘Rocky Mountain High’ it was a trail.  I sure miss driving the mountain roads.  Looks like I’ll need to drive Mauna Kea for a road fix.  That’s for later.

This trail took my youngest son Jake and I up to the top of Green Mountain.  Mountain is a relative term as I believe it’s about 400 feet tall.  Just a little shorter than the almost 14,000 feet of Mauna Kea as seen from Green Mountain.

Mauna KeaThe drive was fun and it really felt like we were in the middle of the mountains and the jungle at the same time.

Green Mountain TrailPretty cool view from the top of Green Mountain looking over the ocean onto part of the Puna District.  You can also see the Cape Kumukahi Lighthouse (Kapoho Lighthouse) in the distance.  According to scientists, that is where the freshest air in the world exists.  They take measurements of the air quality at that point of the island and hold it up as a world wide standard.  You really can feel and smell the difference in the air within that area.

LighthouseWhile the road is red in this next shot, it isn’t the Red Road which is no longer red anyway.  Yeah, I know, confusing.  I think this road leads down to the tide pools at Kapohoho Bay.

Tide PoolsWe could not see Green Lake from top of the ‘mountain’ due to the heavy jungle growth so we made our way back down the trail and decided to poke around a little bit near base.  We found a two-track trail in the tall grass and took that as far as we could and still no lake.

Tall GrassWe did come across this abandoned truck.  I’ve seen more old, abandoned vehicles on the Big Island than I have anywhere else.

TruckAfter poking around for bit we did find the trail that led down to the crater lake (Green Lake).

Green LakeThis is all on private property and you will need permission to enter as well as paying $5 to see the lake.  Swimming is allowed.  Clothing optional.

Message for more info.

Rock On

Whenever I go to Honolulu Landing (Puna District, Big Island) I take the time to check out the rocks that have been stacked along the coast.

Rock On