Boars Head (and I don’t mean the cheese)

Kawaili road is a one laner that branches off of the Red Road and heads west back to the main road.  I’m not sure if the warning hanging on the tree is meant for the pigs or for the folks who travel this road.  Probably both.  The wild pigs are pretty much everywhere in the wild parts of the Big Island.  We’ve even seen them on the ‘dump road’ just out of old Pahoa Town and have just recently been visited by several on our property including a boar, sow and her little ones.  Not a good thing.
Once we had cut the 50 feet deep section of elephant grass we began to see the tracks, poop and pigs.  Now they are getting right next to the house at night.  I have the distinct feeling we’ll be having a lot of bacon in the near future.  Anyone want to come over for a Luau?



About Ron Bailey

Ron Bailey is a photographer living and working in Hawaii, USA. Ron worked as the project photographer for the Tomb Restoration Project at the Colorado Yule Marble Quarry beginning in 2003, and continues to document the ever changing Yule Quarry, amassing the largest photo/video library in the world of the quarry and holds the exclusive rights to shoot the historic property. His images of Western Colorado show the unique nature of this wild west state and now Ron is photographing the sometimes dangerous wildness of the Big Island, Hawaii. With the 2014 tropical storm, several wind storms and the current lava flow, Old Hawaii is in danger of disappearing on the Big Island. Ron intends to document what he can before it is gone forever.

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